Living In Oblivion

A while ago, on a flight from London to Lisbon, this huge sweaty guy sat next to me (I was on the aisle seat). Trying to keep his moist arm from touching me, I was enthralled by the movie he was watching on his iPad. Steve Buscemi, that actress I’ve seen before but never remember the name, and even Peter Dinklage? Seemed interesting. I was too shy to ask him what movie it was though, so DuckDuckGo was my friend.

Turns out it was Living In Oblivion, Tom DiCillo’s most successful project. Highly recommended indie movie, the kind that sadly doesn’t seem to get made anymore.

I give this one 👍👍

Upcoming projects

I’m planning an article series on hands-on Event Sourcing with Elixir, so stay tuned. I’ll be using the commanded library and will try to build a small banking API as an example.

UPDATE: first article up

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