Old anime

I’m a big fan of good anime. Not so much of the endless episodes of One Piece or high school fare, but mostly the Ghibli classics and a couple of cool shows like One Punch Man, Megalo Box and so on. I’m also into old anime (80s and 90s) and there’s a cool Youtube channel for it called Oldtaku TV with old gems like Battle Agent Alita (from 1993):

the Starship Troopers 1988 adaptation:

and Appleseed, also from 1988:

Lots of cool stuff.

Interesting Links

  • RIP Graphics I love old-school BBSs. Most of them used to have ANSI or Amiga style graphics, but a very few supported this Remote Imaging Protocol (RIP) standard that was similar to Postscript. Trés cool.

  • We’re Reading Fahrenheit 451 Wrong Think 451 is about censorship? Hmm maybe not.

  • The Battle for Power on the Internet “We’re in the middle of an epic battle for power in cyberspace. On one side are the traditional, organized, institutional powers such as governments and large multinational corporations. On the other are the distributed and nimble: grassroots movements, dissident groups, hackers, and criminals.”

  • Why Hypercard Had to Die Hypercard was the realization of the original Macintosh’s promise. But it didn’t have a future.

  • Apple’s Airpods Are an Omen “But by going wireless, and by doing it so well, AirPods also decouple that intimacy from the tether that generally has signaled it in social circumstances. And even though it seems like a small matter—just a wireless headset—the device could fundamentally alter the way people interact with machines, and with one another.”

  • An Overview of the Index Changes in PostgreSQL 11 Really cool developments in Postgres’ latest major version.